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Monday, February 14, 2011 // 4:54 PM

okay quite long never blog liao so come here update a bit.. yesterday went out with the girls to marina barrage and went to suntec before going marina barrage.. went to fly kite :D i didnt fly though.. still got sun burn.. the sun so big and hot.. -.- then went to bugis eat dinner.. tomorrow going out with jess they all :D haven confirm yet the time and place =\ later going to text them..

Sunday, January 30, 2011 // 10:17 PM

okays.. so only left with a few days before chinese new year.. im going back malaysia on friday and come back singapore by sunday.. cause choon has some project things to do in the afternoon.. i just finish finalising the UI.. which i hope i dont need to make any more changes.. tomorrow meeting didi pei him go couple lab at amk.. tomorrow got xml test also.. =3

Thursday, January 27, 2011 // 9:40 PM

Tomorrow got Environment Presentation, cloud written test and mobile practical test.. sians.. in the middle got 3 hour break.. monday got xml test then no more lessons le ba.. i guess.. super bored la..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 // 10:56 PM

why people can get into another relationship when they just broke up for like a few days or months? is it because they are lonely? didnt really love the other person? or just for fun? i dont understand..

what's the feeling like to have a baby young? i saw so many of my friends waiting to give birth already.. or going to get married.. what's the feeling like? i want to know..

what's the feeling like to be loved? i want to know and understand..

went for a haircut just now 8 plus.. seriously.. ~.~ super sian la.. only thing i like is that my hair is super thin.. lol.. but.... I HAVE TO TIE MY HAIR! if not its not nice! rawr! D:

counting down to chinese new year! and meeting didi.. :D

Monday, January 24, 2011 // 11:58 PM

suddenly so emo-ed..

Sunday, January 23, 2011 // 10:09 PM

alrighty.. this weekend went out to shop for CLOTHES~ ^^ in the end i got more than what i thought.. hehe.. =x bought another pants at amk.. another tee to go with my coat.. today went bugis! i love die my new shoe la.. cant believe i actually bought a high heel.. LOL.. choon and keok bought the same kind but different pattern from different shop BUT mine still the highest.. lol.. mum say this year we competing with the height.. lols.. i think go grandma house tang jie going to say we so tall.. ~.~ ok la i wont complain.. just hope she and tang ge faster get married though i think my tang ge wont.. =x in the end i got 2 pants, 4 tops i think.. mum bought one top in pink and went she tried it at home.. she dont want it.. in the end pass to me.. its BRIGHT PINK.. ~.~''' oh my gosh.. x.x help bro to find his bermudas in bugis too.. my shoe's the cheapest.. but it doesnt look like its cost $15 =x haha.. anyway school work is almost done.. left presentation and testsssss.. then waiting for ONE exam and ta da.. im done with school which i dont feel like.. coz have to work.. =\ thinking of studying in the new university which will be opened next year.. but i guess i'll see how.. (: looking forward to Chinese New Year! :D left a bag which i dont know if i should go buy =3

Sunday, January 9, 2011 // 9:29 PM

today morning miraculously i woke up early! LOL.. mum asked me last night if i want to go the park with them to 发功.. then i thought a while maybe it can help "open up" my brain so i went.. actually ah choon they all dont want to go de.. then in the end.. she wake up ask me where i going.. lols.. i say go park lor.. then nobody wanted to go but because of some reason ah choon and ah boy went in the end.. the other one.. wanted to sleep.. -.- so left her at home.. yi xi ah yi's century egg porridge was superb! woohoo! very long never eat dao this kind of porridge.. xDDD still got youtiao, wan sui, sesame oil and pepper.. woots! YUMMY! still got other food like coffee bread plus some other stuff.. hmm.. fried carrot cake, yam cake.. a spread.. xD and traditional chinese tea! :D the weather was so nice today that there was a lot of wind.. can see peeps flying kite! then we moved in to the big shelter cause started to feel the drizzle.. when we were finishing our food, suddenly a downpour! LOL.. but together with the wind.. it feels nice! :DDD how i wish the rain was longer.. haha.. after that reach home, couldnt do my coding(totally no idea how to do) helped mum with the vegetables.. -.- her hand haven recover then nobody want to help.. the stay at home one keep sleep.. dont need eat until we got home.. =.= ah boy sleeping.. another one chatting -.- so i help mum lor.. cooked dinner.. watch tv.. on com.. cook dinner and lunch until sians during the holidays.. still need help with other stuff.. -.- haix..

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